Pitch Wars Mentee Bio

I wasn’t going to do one of these, but it seems to be part of the audition, and I don’t want to come off looking like some kind of underachiever. So here goes.

A few things about me: I’m from Michigan–where everyone always has a map.

Yes, we really do this. Come to Michigan and ask for directions, and you’ll get to experience this firsthand. Heh heh. Even worse, Michigan kids use this as a ruse to spit on each other. Something about the location of certain lakes? I fell for that a couple of times.

I adore awkwardness. I love people who show up on the dance floor without any moves, belt out their favorite songs when they can’t hold a tune, and care more about being present for their own lives than looking good while doing it. These are the people I love to watch in the world, the people that make me laugh, cringe, and feel all the feels, so these are the people that show up in my books.

Orange is the New Black • The Best of CrazyEyes  Freaks and Geeks - scene with Bill

What can I say? I identify with awkward. I run into walls, trip over my own feet, stumble on my words, and generally strive to be weird. But I CAN dance. And I think I can write a bit too.

I’m looking for a mentor that can help me transform my MS. Like this:

Big Hero 6 Clip - Meet the Team - FULL Scene (High Quality!) Big Hero 6 Clip - Meet the Team - FULL Scene (High Quality!)

But with words.

No dancing required, but–I’m not going to lie–that could be fun.

I work hard for what I want, and I want you.  As my mentor, I mean–nothing creepy. All I’m saying is I want you up in my book, under the pages, feeling it, touching it up–whatever it takes to make it come together just so. But only if you want it too.