A Dark & Grimm Summer Vacation

I love to read aloud to my children.

I get to play all the parts, so I especially love it when books are full of interesting characters. Yeah, I do voices. I do them shamelessly, and in public, in case you were wondering. So, naturally, I have my favorites.ravens

Last summer we tackled A Tale Dark & Grimm, Through a Glass Grimmly, and A Grimm Conclusion, all by the very talented Adam Gidwitz. And guess what, this summer we’re doing it all over again. Why?

Because these books are so much fun!

It’s all built into the text: you get warn your kids about any upcoming bloody scenes, interrupt the story with delightfully ominous warnings, and–in the third book–repeat the most challenging word since “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” I won’t spoil that part for you. Just remember it has something to do with Eddie.

Reader Tip: After carefully pronouncing Eddie’s full name several times in front of the kids, flub it up on purpose! Kids love correcting adults (you’ll probably need their help anyway).

Fairy tales have always been awesome, but in the age of Disney many kids don’t know that yet. That’s where Adam Gidwitz saves the day.

With his permission, I’m including a short excerpt from the introduction (you know, the part before the book starts getting good): fairyforest

Before I go on, a word of warning: Grimm’s stories–the ones that weren’t changed for little kids–are violent and bloody. And what you’re going to hear now, the one true tale in The Tales of Grimm, is as violent and bloody as you can imagine.


So if such things bother you, we should probably stop right now.

You see, the land of Grimm can be a harrowing place. But it is worth exploring. For, in life, it is in the darkest zones one finds the brightest beauty and the most luminous wisdom.

And, of course, the most blood.

Kids today need fairy tales.  And Adam Gidwitz is here to provide them!

What’s your favorite children’s book to read aloud, and why?


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